• Annabethxx50

    Tori stared at Beck and Jade. She watched them lean in for a passionate kiss. Really? Why had Jade get the most handsome boy in the world to love. Why did he love her? Why? She loved him...was it hard to see?

    She had kissed him. Tasted his soft lips. Full of love and...passion. They had sugar no one else could produce. Alas, she was not to have such a treasure but if she could, she'd keep it and never let it go. For in her heart, she knew that he...Beck, was the one.

    "What's wrong Tori?" Cat asked excitedly. Tori playfully rolled her eyes and shook her head. She stared up, finally glad she had something to take her mind off her undying love.

    "Nothing!" Tori said.

    Cat raised her eyebrows and threw her vibrant red hair back and shrugged. Cat off…

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  • LilMelz

    Acting Getting Real

    September 24, 2012 by LilMelz

    Beck and I were rehearsing our play in front of the class. Andre seemed excited, Robbie seemed happy and Jade was going thorough the messages on her phone.

    Beck: After all these years, I haven't felt right, it hasn't felt the same.

    Me: I know what's going on. Here.

    I had Jungle Worms and I totally forgot about it when I leaned up to kiss him. When I pulled away he ran to the bathroom. The door shut and Jade was laughing. I felt embarassed. Straight after the bell went. I ran to the Boys' bathroom and found him there. I remembered the Jungle Worms and apologized. He forgave me and we kissed again. I offered to get a taxi to my house and nursed Beck.

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  • Meenabeena610

    bori love

    August 6, 2012 by Meenabeena610

    Tori and beck where in detention today due to the fact they where passing notes yesterday. Detention didn’t worry tori though. What worried her was that in the letter. they were reminiscing through the year when beck mentioned, boldly and without any hesitation of bringing it up, the kiss she and him shared the first day of school. She was saved by the bell though so she didn’t have to respond to the note he wrote to her.

    Now she was nervous as she sat next to beck alone in detention as the teacher whom was watching them stepped out due to an emergency and stated would be back in a few. Tori looked around at the blue colored wall. There where Einstein posters up and just other random things. Tori was fiddling around with her the rips on he…

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  • LilMelz

    Kiss For Consciousness

    July 25, 2012 by LilMelz

    At school by Tori's locker.

    Beck: Hi Tori

    Tori: Hi Beck. What up?

    Beck: (shyly) I was wondering if- (faints)

    Tori: Beck! Beck! Can you hear me?

    (Andre rushes over)

    Andre: What happened?

    Tori: He fainted. No contact involved

    Andre: Beck has a crush on you that's probably why he fainted.

    Tori: I had a crush on him. I know! I'll just- (kneels down and kisses him)

    (Beck wakes up)

    Beck: What just happened?

    Tori: You fainted and I kissed you

    Beck: I love you

    Tori: I love you too

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  • LilMelz

    Phone Call Mix up

    July 25, 2012 by LilMelz

    Beck and Jade were dating at the time. Jade decided to call Beck.

    Jade: Hi Beck (kisses thru the phone)

    Beck: Hi Babes

    Jade: I wanna come over. Can I?

    Beck: Sure

    Jade: (in impersonating Tori voice) I love you Beck

    Beck: I love you too, Tori


    Beck: I'm sor-

    Jade: We are over (Hangs up)

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  • Iamvictorious15

    The Kiss of Life

    Sikowitz just announced that they will be having Swimming Class,Beck and Andre was the only one who attended the class cause Jade don't like water,Cat's terrified,Robbie is scared to be embarassed but Tori has no reason....

    At Lunch Beck was at the Janitor's Closet he was staring at Tori then he pulled Andre.


    Beck:You see Tori?

    Andre:Yeah!Tori Vega,she's there

    Beck:I have something to tell you but don't tell anyone,PROMISE!

    Andre:Sure!So what is it

    Beck;I think,I think I'm in love with Tori

    Andre:No,Dude you're kidding me but you can love her she's nice she's----

    Beck:I really don't know, I I think I wanna kiss her so bad!

    Andre:Then why just tell her

    Beck:Yeah! Thanks Dude

    While Beck and Andre were in their swimming class …

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  • Iamvictorious15

    Hey Guys! I decided to make fanfictions but I dunno what pairing will I choose so I just decided that I'll just let you vote okay so here's the choices:

    That's all but if you want a different pairing it's okay....

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  • Victorious 365

    Hey guys just wanted to write a blog post but it's nothing......Just love this pic it reminds me of the Victorious Cast......

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  • MegaBoriShipper4

    Hey guys I made this blog since Dan said on his twitter that Beck and Jade are getting back together which is great for the Bade shippers but awful for the Bori shippers so i want to see what you guys think so please vote away and voting starts from Today- March 23,2012 so please vote :) User:MegaBoriShipper4

    Do you agree Dan is making the right choice of having Beck and Jade getting back together or not


    Do you want Tori and Beck to date instead of Beck and Jade?

    Absoulety :)

    Nah :/

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  • MegaBoriShipper4

    Will Tori and Beck start dating in Season 3?

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  • Beck+Tori

    This is how it began

    October 25, 2011 by Beck+Tori

    Chapter 1 Tori’s POV

    I was afraid to walk up to Beck's table, we're friends and friends sit with each other. I looked right into his eyes as he smiled at me, I approached his table then I slipped over a banana peel. Jade just laughed her little head off as Beck came right toward me. He began to stroke my hair even though it had spaghetti sauce in it. Beck called Cat... she came right away. Cat took me to the restroom to wash it all off.

    "Do you like...Beck?" she asked.

    “Why would you ask me that?” I asked back as we left the bathroom.

    “Well you’ve been flirting for the past week!” Cat whispered

    “Really,” I asked her.

    “Yup,” She responded. “I’ll tell you the whole thing if you want me to.” We sat on the stairs and she began to talk.

    “Monday you tr…

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  • Wheatly123

    Fanfiction Time

    August 11, 2011 by Wheatly123
    Ello people I, wheatly123, will be doing some Bori fan fiction. This first on is called The Great Couple Switch. Its about how Sikowitz makes couples swap for one week and act like they are real couples! But people actually start to have feelings for their, "match" Hope you guys like it! . Chap. 1

    Beck's POV

    "Attention Hollywood Art's students! We will be doing a new assignment," Sikowitz announced! "I like to call it, drum roll please, The Great Couple Switch!

    Jade stood up quickly, letting my hand fall loosely from hers.

    "What!" she said angrily. "Are you telling me I have to give Beck to some ganky girl in this class?

    "If you would like to put it that way, then yes," he said calmly.

    "Now we all know there are only …

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  • Ramy4eva211

    I Want Your Opinion

    June 10, 2011 by Ramy4eva211

    My Fave Bori Moment:

    Is when they hugged, yeah yeah I know crazy right compared to the kiss but it was sweeter than the kiss IMO.

    What's yours?

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  • Ciria

    Soon, when we get twenty members to sign the Bori Members page, we will start our first Mini-Bori Contest! For right now I don't have much information, but I do have some topics I want you guys to vote on.

    Please suggest different things we can do for a contest. Keep in mind that this is a Mini-Contest. So it won't be hard or long. Something that can be done in a short period of time.

    My suggestion is a BORI poem. Using each letter in BORI and say what they mean. Like an Acrostic Poem. Now you guys can suggest.

    This is only for Registered Users. No Wiki Contributors allowed to suggest or take part in. When we vote you can however choose on the poll. Can't stop you anyways.

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  • PatromeLover202

    I LOVE There friendship but because i am a Bade shipper i do NOT ship them romantically but i would NOT mind them dating.

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  • Kate Ray91899


    May 25, 2011 by Kate Ray91899

    We need to add some more pictures

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  • Kate Ray91899


    May 17, 2011 by Kate Ray91899


    Welcome to my wiki!

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